Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Minnesota Grouse Championship Fall 2009

The championship has concluded and Judges Don Dack and Al Ranfranz have named the following winners.

Ch. Maddie May Lady SF owner Tom Mckelvy /Handler Lance Bressler

RU Wintergreen Cody SM Mickey Fancher O/H

The judges also named as closest to the winners 4 dogs which received 100.00 gas money from the club.

HiFives Wrangler PF Minard
Needlepoint Tiger Lilly SF Bressler
Hard Driving Lucy PF McCarl
Grace Jones SF Scott Anderson

Monday, June 15, 2009

Training at Good Going!

The cover dog clubs of MN and WI will be holding an “open training” for pointing dogs on Saturday July 11th at Good Going Kennels in Baldwin WI. There will be ground, birds, backing dogs, etc available as well as a pot luck lunch. We will start at 8 am, and go as long as we need to. All are welcome but we would like an RSVP if possible. For more information or to RSVP contact.
Greg Gress – 612-590-2353
Mary Beth Esser – 262-490-8156
Rod Lein – 715-579-8176

Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Dogs of the Year Awards MN/ WI

Congrats to the 2009 Dogs of the Year Awards MN/ WI

Open Shooting Dog of the year Hi Fives Wrangler
Owner Dan Ross
Handler On Right Bruce Minard

Amateur Shooting Dog of the Year Wintergreen Max
Mickey Fancher O & H
On the right is the one and only Mary Beth Esser

Derby of the Year Miley with Co Owners Brett Edstrom and Jason Gooding

Monday, April 20, 2009

Results for the 2nd Spring Trial 2009

1.Miley/ Brett Edstrom
2.Bud/Jerry Kolter
3.Belle/ Rod Lein

1.Gert/ D & R Moore
2.Jacx/ Craig Snider
3.Slew/ D & R Moore

3.Marley/ Sig (BT) Degitz

MGDA Running Order Spring trial 2, 2009

MGDA Running Order
Posted by rmoore on 4/15/2009, 7:55 pm
Rochel Moore

Open Shooting Dog - Starts Friday, April 17th @ 7:30 a.m.

1A Miley, PF, Edstrom
1B I'm Blue Gert, SF(IS), Moore
2A Electric Belle, PF, Lein
2B Grace Jones, SF, Anderson
3A Joe, SM, Degitz
3B Wingard, PM, Moore
4A Wintergreen Cody, SM, Fancher
4B Merrimac's Adda Girl, SF, Kolter
5A Blue Shaquille, SM, Kolter
5B Lucy, PF, Lein
6A Deb Dynamite, SF, Anderson
6B Sam, SM, Graddy
7A Satin From Silk, SF, Gress
7B Tom Jones, SM, Anderson
8A Magic's Rocky Belleboa, SM, Kolter
8B Seattle Slew, PM, Moore
9A Magic's Climb Kaytoo, SF, Kolter
9B Wintergreen Max, SM, Fancher

Open Derby

1A Wren, SF, Edstrom
1B Cold Creek Prairie Rose, SF, MacTavish
2A Will, SM, Degitz
2B Ike, PM, LaNasa
3A Liberty Belle, SF, McElroy
3B Cold Creek Pearl, SF, MacTavish
4A Sam, SM, McKean
4B Marley, SF, Degitz
5A Cold Creek Bella Rose, GSPF, MacTavish
5B Bye

Amateur Shooting Dog

1A Tom Jones, SM, Anderson
1B Sam, SM, Graddy
2A I'm Blue Gert, SF(IS), Moore
2B Merrimac's Adda Girl, SF, McKean
3A Lil' Francine, PF(IS), Sittlow
3B Deb Dynamite, SF, Anderson
4A Wingard, PM, Moore
4B Jacx, SM, Snider
5A Seattle Slew, PM, Moore
5B Becasse, SF, Recktenwald
6A Grace Jones, SF, Anderson
6B Cooper, SM, Holt
7A Theo, PM, Holt
7B Cold Creek Jake, GSPM, MacTavish

MGDA Spring Trial results 2009

Open Shooting Dog results

Sorry No Photo

1. Blue Shaquille, SM, Kolter
2. Waco, PF, Saari
3. Sam, SM, Graddy

Front L to R: Sittlow, Anderson, Holt
Back L to R: John Edstrom, James Kleve (judge), Don Dack (judge), Brett Edstrom, Justin Hall, Sig Degitz, Greg Gress, Jerry Kolter, Ben McKean, Katie Blake, Dave Moore

Jerry Kolter with Blue OX 1st Place
Brett Edstrom With Miley
Back Left to right.
Paul Hauge, Justin Hall, Rod Lein, Jack Storer, Ben McKean, Mary Beth Esser, Brad Holt, Brent Sitlow, Greg Gress and Mr. Dave Moore.

Front L to R: Jerry Kolter, Katie Blake, Paul Hauge
Back L to R: Brent Sittlow (judge), Brett Edstrom, Sig Degitz (judge)
Waiting on dog names

MGDA 1st Spring Trial Running Order

MGDA Running Order
Posted by rmoore on 4/8/2009, 8:06 pm
Rochel Moore

MN Grouse Dog Association Trial - April 10-11
Open Shooting Dog - 7:30 a.m. April 10th, Clubhouse
1A Cold Creek Jake,GSPM, MacTavish
1B Magic's Rocky Belleboa, SM, Kolter
2A Wingard, PM, Moore
2B Cooper, SM, Holt
3A Adda Girl, SF, McKean/Kolter
3B Grace Jones, SF, Anderson
4A Shake, SM, Esser
4B Waco, PF, Saari
5A Tom Jones, SM, Anderson
5B Magic's Climb Kaytoon, SM, Kolter
6A Satin From Silk, SF, Gress
6B I'm Blue Gert, SF, Moore/Kolter
7A Electric Belle, PF, Lein
7B Mabel, SF, Degitz
8A Jenny, SF, Banitt
8B Smoke, SM, Kleve
9A Deb Dynamite, SF, Anderson
9B Sam, SM, Graddy
10A Blue Shaquille, SM, Kolter
10B Lucy, PF, Lein
11A Joe, SM, Degitz
11B Seattle Slew, PM, Moore

Open Derby - Will not start before 12:00 p.m. on Friday

1A Marley, SF, Degitz
1B Cold Creek Bella Rose, GSPF, MacTavish
2A New Day Rising, SF, Cook
2B Houston's Rocket Man, SM, McKean/Kolter
3A Will, SM, Degitz
3B Jake, SM, J. Edstrom
4A Cold Creek Sin City Ella, GSPF, MacTavish
4B Louie, SM, Graddy
5A Cold Creek Prairie Rose, SF, MacTavish
5B Twister, SF, Graddy
6A Cold Creek Pearl, SF, MacTavish
6B Ike, PM, LaNasa
7A Bee, SM, Graddy
7B Zorro, SM, Ben
8A Northwoods Blue Ox, SM, Kolter
8B Wirthall Dali, SF, Hall
9A Jackson, SM, Nelson/Kleve
9B The Texas Liberal, SF, Cook
10A Miley, PF, B. Edstrom
10B Mickey Weske, SF(IS) Esser
11A Northwood's Magic, PF, Kolter
11B Niko, SM, Storer

Open Puppy - Saturday
1A Jake, SM, J. Edstrom
1B Patches, SF, Kolter
2A Northwoods Prancer, PF, Kolter
2B Misty May's Gold, PF, Gold
3A Houston's Oneeyed Jack, SM, Kolter
3B Two Dollar Pistol, SF, Blake
4A Mickey Weske, SF(IS), Esser
4B Bye

Amateur Shooting Dog - Time Permitting - Saturday
1A Shake, SM, Esser
1B Cold Creek Pearl, SF, MacTavish
2A Deb Dynamite, SF, Anderson
2B Cold Creek Jake, GSPM, MacTavish
3A Tom Jones, SM, Anderson
3B Miley, PF, Edstrom
4A Lil' Francine, PF(IS), Sittlow
4B I'm Blue Gert, SF, Moore
5A Becasse, SF, Recktenwald
5B Grace Jones, SF, Anderson
6A Theo, PM, Holt
6B Adda Girl, SF, McKean
7A Seattle Slew, PM, Moore
7B Sam, PM, Graddy
8A Wingard, PM, Moore
8B Satin From Silk, SF, Gress

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New in 2009

 Thanks to our friend Mary Beth Esser the MGDA has added 2 new Amateur Dog of the year traveling trophies.  Thanks Don Dack for doing the wood work.

Thursday, January 22, 2009