Sunday, April 15, 2012

2012 MGDA spring trial 2


1. Addie/ McKean
2. Abigail/ Graddy


1. Northwoods Parmigiano/ Kolter
2. Northwoods Classy Kate/ Kolter
3. Maisey/ Kaufman


1. Abigail/ Graddy
2. Gracie/ Anderson
3. Molly/ J. Edstrom


1. Northwoods Vixen/ Kolter
2.Snyder's Trudy/ Kolter
3.Tesla/ Cinningham

MGDA 2012 Spring Trial 1

      Open Shooting Dog 
      1st Seattle Slew/Moore
      2nd Marley/Degitz

      Open Derby
      1st Northwoods Classy Kate/Kolter
      2nd I'm Home Grown/Moore
      3rd Sam/Frahm

      Amateur Shooting Dog 
      1st Lacy/Peters
      2nd Riggs/Moore
      3rd Abbey/Graddy

      Open Puppies 
      1st Northwoods Beas Knees/Donavan
      2nd Northwoods Grits/Kolter
      3rd Rain Delay/Lydia Sittlow

      If people have photos of this trial Please forward to Ben McKean