Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jim Recktenwald

"I was training with my dog over chuckers and she loves to retrieve to hand. This is Patches McNab and at the time she was 8 months old (whelped 7/10/2009). "


Thursday, April 22, 2010

MGDA Dog of the year points.

Open Shooting Dog of the Year

With 110 points up for grabs for 1st place dogs in the running

Lucy – Lien – 159
Slew – Moore – 110
Pearl – McTavish – 56
Grace – Anderson - 57

Amateur Shooting Dog of the year

Again 110 points up for grabs

Lucy –Lien -239
Bell – Lien – 166
Tom – Anderson – 133
Slew – Moore- 130

Open Derby of the year
51 points available
Lindy – Esser- 121
Paige – Mergans- 88

The Amateur Derby of the year is wrapped up - Paige

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MGDA Running Order Spring Trial 2, 2010


1a Biddy (is) PF Wingard

1b Deb SF Anderson

2a Blue Ox SM Kolter

2b Preacher SM Ireland

3a Max SM Fancher

3b Slew PF Moore

4a Cody SM Fancher

4b Magic PF Kolter

5a Tom SM Anderson

5b Lucy PF Lein

6a Theo PM Holt

6b Addie SF Kolter

7a Bell PF Lein

7b Wingard PM Moore

8a Sam SM Graddy

8b Smoke SM Kleve

9a Lulu (is) PF Wingard

9b Gracie SF Anderson

10a Tock PF Guild

The Winners

1st Gracie, Scott Anderson
2nd Deb, Scott Anderson
3rd Biddy Chuck Wingard


1a Marley (is ) SF Degitz

1b Lefty SF Cook

2a Jett SF Snider

2b Boudroix SF McGuire

3a Abby SF Graddy

3b Patty SF Tande

4a Lizzie SF Kolter

4b Cali (is) SF Benshoof

5a Lager SM Kolter

5b Foster SM Fancher

6a Max SM Nelson

6b Will SM Degitz

7a Dali (is) SM Kolter

7b Paige PF Mergens

The Winners

1st Will, Degitz
2nd Abby, Graddy
3rd Lizzie, Kolter


1a Gracie SF Anderson

1b Jack SM Snider

2a Tom SM Anderson

2b Max SM Fancher

3a Addie SF Mckean

3b Lucy PF Lein

4a Wingard PM Moore

4b Deb SF Anderson

5a Cody SM Fancher

5b Bell PF Lein

6a Slew PM Moore

The Winners

1st Gracie, Anderson
2nd Slew, Moore
3rd Bell, Lein


1a Rusty SM Wingard

1b Zippy SM Kolter

2a Cider SM Holt

2b Patches SF Recktenwald

3a Willy PM Wingard

The Winners,

1st Zippy, Kolter
2nd Willy Wingard

Spring Trial MGDA 2010 Photos

Spring Trial MGDA 2010 Photos

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring 2010 Draw OP


1a Jack SM Benshoof
1b Trace SM Renneke
2a Lager SM Kolter
2b Patches SF Recktenwald
3a Gretta GSF Dziki
3b Lizzie SF Kolter
4a Abbie GSF Ross
4b Zoey GSF Friend

The Winners
1st Place. Lager SM, Kolter
2nd Place, Lizzie SF, O Steve Snyder, H Jerry Kolter
3rd Place, Gretta GSF, Dziki

Spring 2010 Draw OD


1a Marley in season SF Degitz
1b Lefty SF Cook
2a Fletch PM Davidson
2b Trace SM Renneke
3a Linnus SM Forgit
3b Cali SF Benshoof
4a Pepper SF Gress
4b Dali in season SF Kolter
5a Paige PF Mergens
5b Emma PF Sittlow
6a Chabli SF Kolter
6b Jack SM Hornung
7a Jett SF Snider
7b Jake SM J Edstrom
8a Max SM Nelson
8b Abby SF Graddy
9a Will SM Degitz
9b Chardonnay SF Kolter

The Winners
1st Place, Marley, SF Degitz
2nd Place, Chardonnay SF Kolter
3rd Place, Paige PF Mergens

Spring 2010 Draw ASD


1a Frankie in season PF Sittlow
1b Grace SF Anderson
2a Ole PM Dack
2b Rose SF Mactavish
3a Bell PF Lein
3b Peggy SF Gress
4a Deb SF Anderson
4b Pearl SF Mactavish
5a Addie SF Mckean
5b Theo PM Holt
6a Lucy PF Dunn
6b Miley PF Edstrom
7a Lucy PF Lein
7b Jake GSM Mactavish
8a Tom SM Anderson

The Winners
1st Place, Merimacs Adda Girl ESF, McKean
2nd Place, Tom Jones, ESM, Anderson
3rd Place, Electric Belle EPF, Lein

Spring 2010 Draw OSD


1a Smoke SM Kleve
1b Blue Ox SM Kolter
2a Wingard PM Moore
2b Tom SM Anderson
3a Gert SF Moore
3b Frankie in season PF Sittlow
4a Sam SM Graddy
4b Lucy PF Lein
5a Deb SF Anderson
5b Blue Shaq SM Kolter
6a Miley PF Edstrom
6b Peggy SF Gress
7a Bell PF Lein
7b Addie SF Kolter
8a Rose SF Mactavish
8b Slew PM Moore
9a Jake GSM Mactavish
10a Ole PM Dack
10b Niko SM Storer
11a Pearl SF Mactavish
11b Waco PF Saari

The Winners
1st Place, Slew PM Moore
2nd Place, Lucy PF Lein
3rd Place, Gert SF Moore

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mike Hornung

Jack after a crosscountry skiing outing late in February just before our March thaw