Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun Shoot/ MNWI Dog of the Year Awards Summer Get Together

Where: Zumbrota Rifle Club When: Saturday June 29th. 12:00 noon Do I have to preregister? No you can just show up but please let us know ahead of time if you can: email to Cost: $50 includes lunch, one round each of skeet and wobble trap, two boxes of 12 gauge ammo and one raffle ticket. Rules: This is a fun shoot and we will not be doing official scoring. There will be odd colored targets randomly loaded in the traps and when one is thrown if it is hit that shooter will receive an additional raffle ticket. If the target is missed well that is just too bad. There will be white “hen targets” loaded if the shooter does not shoot they will get an additional ticket, if they shoot they will be asked to give the club $5, they may refuse but will be harassed. If time and targets permit we will do a $10 Jackpot Annie Oakley, the club will split the pot with the winner. Can I shoot more than once? Yes subject to availability additional rounds can be purchased for $40. Do I have to shoot a 12? No but you get the 12 gauge ammo regardless. Raffle Prizes: Pro Plan Dog Food, MGDA Hats and a handmade braided lanyard courtesy of Don Dack. Can non Club members attend? Yes any SAFE shooter is welcome but the club does reserve the right to excuse a shooter acting in an unsafe manner. All Zumbrota Rifle Club posted rules will be followed.